To be a one-stop centre for the provision of transport, plant and equipment services for infrastructural development by the year 2030.

To champion the development of infrastructure and transport services for sustainable and inclusive social and economic growth through:-

  • Vehicle and equipment hire
  • Repairs and maintenance of vehicles and equipment
  • Transportation
  • Quality fuel supply
  • Driver training and development
  • Purchasing of vehicles on behalf of the Government, Institutions, and corporates.
  • Transport Purchase Fund (TPF) management

1. Service excellence

  • We always seek to exceed customer expectations.
  • We observe, listen, and act in the best interest of our customers.
  • We deliver value for money service to customers.
  • We communicate to the customer regularly
  • We value customer relationships that build trust, confidence, and loyalty.

2. Teamwork

  • We value our connected family and treat each other with respect, honesty and dignity while acknowledging personal differences.
  • We value each other’s contribution, skills, views and time.
  • We remain accountable, responsible and concerned about the impact of our actions and behaviours.
  • We know our extended family of stakeholders and our communities.
  • We know that united we stand, divided we fall.

3. Integrity

  • Being honest with strong morals
  • Being dependable
  • Zero tolerance to corruption.
  • We thrive to be professional in delivering service to our clients
  • Act professionally and transparently
  • We will not abuse entrusted power for private gain
  • Desist from any forms of bribery, nepotism, tribalism, and favouritism.

4. Innovation

  • We strive for efficiency and effectiveness
  • We pursue challenging and rewarding business opportunities.
  • We benchmark with best practices in all our spheres of business
  • We search for solutions that create value to our customers
  • We strive to diversify and create new lines of business